About us

Reliable supplier of fresh and frozen meat of premium quality
On Slovak market we operate since 2006. We cooperate with major slaughterhouses in the EU. Our priority is to offer you quality business partnership, based on our wide range of fresh and frozen first class quality meat. We're constantly working on expanding of our product lines in order to meet the specific requirements of the market and our customers.

Within export and import of meat we are focused on large part of middle of Europe - Slovak, Polish, Czech and Hungarian market.

Our values


Import and export of 1st class quality meat is our priority.


We are focused on beating up of our logistic services. We are trying to build up the best solutions for our customers, we do maximum for quality.


Our long term aim is to offer you quality business partnership within the short and long term cooperation.


We access to our partnerships professionally, we do our business responsibly.

We act responsibly in business

Our aim is not only to make a profit, but also follow ethical standards in accord with our corporate philanthropy, which is an integral part of our business.
We are holders of the Title of Socially responisble company since 2014. We have received this title based on evaluation of procurements who, in quality criteria, evaluated following/compliance with conditions of demands declared in treaties, timely delivery, amount of Complaints and compliance with the method of quality and performance.
Title of Socially responsible company warrants to our business partners professional approach in contractual agreements and also the quality of supplied good.
Signum of reliability assigns Slovak Information and Marketing Company in cooperation with the National Resource Centre of the Slovak Republic. For more information please visit www.nissr.sk.

The information on the conditions of personal data processing HERE.

Socially responsible business 2014

MERFOR, a. s.
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811 08 Bratislava
Email: merfor@merfor.sk